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Equipped with Greenpixie’s cloud emissions data, enterprises can take control of their carbon footprint, enabling cost savings and emissions reduction.
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Our mission

As a government backed, award-winning GreenOps data provider, Greenpixie is committed to making sustainable cloud operations accessible.

Our specialist automated data product allows critical emissions insights for AWS and Azure cloud environments, which powers GreenOps practices and services around the world.

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The only cloud emissions data source built for FinOps

We’ve designed our data & methodology to be effortlessly adopted into FinOps workflows and tooling. Seamless integration accelerates time to value for customers, as well as internal cloud teams, while granting emissions visibility across the entire business.
With clear and actionable data at hand, emissions and cost information can be shared side-by-side with key stakeholders – from Heads of Sustainability to C-suite executives – fostering collaboration and informed decision-making towards a sustainable future

Each year, the cloud emits more carbon than the entire aviation industry


tonnes of CO2e


homes use the power of 1 data centre


global carbon emissions
Use Cases

Who can take advantage of Greenpixie's data?

Greenpixie's granular emissions data empowers your company to activate GreenOps practices today.

Whether it's for your business or your customers', embark on a journey that prioritises more than just cost.

Our data equips your engineering teams to engage in carbon reduction initiatives, which will unlock extra cost savings.

As regulations around cloud emissions continue to evolve, Greenpixie's data also allows your compliance to be more than just a checkbox, but a stride towards genuine corporate responsibility.

A sophisticated GreenOps operation, powered by Greenpixie data, demonstrates that profitability and sustainability walk hand in hand in the cloud.

  • De-risk ESG Reports
  • Save tonnes of CO₂e
  • Comply with regulation
  • Forecast for the future
What is GreenOps?

Cost management softwares

Managed Service Providers

Digital transformations


System Integrators

IT Teams

Carbon Accounting

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