What is GreenOps?

GreenOps means sustainability within IT and the cloud

GreenOps is the practice of IT sustainability, focusing on the responsible management of digital resources and technologies from inception to retirement.
In the cloud, GreenOps involves the reporting, analysing, quantifying, and reducing of emissions associated with cloud computing operations. Unlike traditional approaches that may rely on spend-based estimates, cloud GreenOps demands accurate and actionable usage-based data.
This data-driven approach allows organisations to make informed decisions that not only minimise the environmental footprint of their IT operations but also optimise efficiency and resource utilisation, creating a sustainable and cost-effective computing environment.

The Benefits of GreenOps


Regulatory frameworks, including SEC, SFDR and TCFD, are rolling out various regulations over the coming years which will mandate more and more companies to report their Scope 3 emissions – and therefore their cloud emissions.

Carbon Reduction

Beyond reporting, many enterprises are aggressively chasing carbon reductions across their supply chain. With granular data like ours, enterprises can effectively audit their cloud architecture and make meaningful workflow placement decisions to reduce monthly carbon emissions.

Cost Savings

When it comes to saving money on cloud bills, carbon emission reduction is a significant motivator for tech teams to join in with FinOps culture. This means that the 30% of wasted cloud use can be more effectively reduced - good news for the planet and profits.


Just as FinOps brings visibility across departments on financial spending in the cloud, cloud GreenOps democratises cloud emissions data, allowing all stakeholders to share in the cloud sustainability journey, from Cloud teams to Heads of Sustainability and C-suites.

Getting started with GreenOps

Whether you are implementing GreenOps within your own enterprise cloud team or looking to improve your FinOps offering to clients, the first step is to secure a solid foundation of actionable emissions data.
This data should be granular, usage-based and able to integrate fully with your FinOps tooling, allowing you to track, analyse, and manage both your costs and your carbon footprint in a unified manner.
As well as your own tooling, visualisation tools like Power BI and QuickSight can be used to quickly establish a baseline of current cloud emissions and identify key areas for improvement.


GreenOps is about action – not just a set of numbers

The insights gained through GreenOps practices will inspire a cultural change which engages your engineering and operations teams by showing them the potential carbon savings that their efforts can make. This powerful motivator often also leads to extra cost savings as teams galvanise around an issue close to their hearts.
The outcomes of GreenOps will depend on what specific goals you have, from reporting to quantifying progress, or even making informed decisions about how to modify your cloud operations for better sustainability. This could involve changes to your resource allocation, purchasing renewable energy credits, or modifying your application architecture to be more efficient.

Using Greenpixie as your GreenOps data source

As the UK authority on cloud emission data, Greenpixie is trusted to power the GreenOps services for businesses around the world. We work both directly with enterprises and as partners with cloud service providers.

Our secure ‘Cost and Usage Report (CUR) Enrichment’ product delivers data with unparalleled granularity, making it highly malleable for any outcome, visualisation, or analysis you require.



Whether you’re aiming to impress stakeholders with striking visual insights or working towards specific sustainability and cost-saving KPIs across your business, Greenpixie’s detailed and adaptable data can be sculpted to meet and exceed those targets effortlessly.



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